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Are you a calorie counter?

Nothing burns more calories than dancing in 5-inch heels. Try it!” ~ Ariana Grande

Let me ask you a quick question.

Are you a calorie counter?

If you answered “yes” that’s okay.

But, one of the best kept secrets to dieting and cutting calories is not always about counting them.

Using a calorie calculator and keeping up with what you eat is a good idea. But, it can cause stress if counting calories becomes an obsession.

And, stress can add inches to your tummy – not to mention degrading your general health.

So, let’s take a look at some simple ways to cut calories while dieting – without the stress!

Are you Frustrated with Calorie Counting? The Next Best Thing to Being a Calorie Counter is to Cut Them!

If you’re working to improve your diet and cut your calorie intake, you’ll often find it’s easier to focus on the things you want to remove.

Removing some food choices from your current eating habits helps you to do small things that promote weight loss & healthy lifestyles.

And, the best way to keep successful eating habits is to focus on the smallest things that cause the smallest change to your feeling of fullness and energy throughout the day.

But, before you decide, take a quick look at 5 very easy ways to cut calories and reduce the amount of junk in your diet! Let’s get started…

1. Get Rid of Soda Drinks – Almost “0” Nutrition

One of the very best things that anyone can do for their diet is to remove those sugar-filled sodas from their diet.

Just imagine, no more drinking Coca-Cola and no more 7-Up. Why? Because these drinks come absolutely packed with simple sugars.

And, they offer nothing healthy in return.

In fact, I looked on the website to check out the nutrition facts of canned soda. Here’s what I found…

“Soda consists mostly of empty sugar calories. One can of soda exceeds the American Heart Association’s recommended daily limit for sugar.

Soda was ranked lowest among all beverage categories for health and nutritional value.

Sugar in liquid form, such as soda, is particularly unhealthy, because our bodies do not seem to recognize the calories as much as when they are in solid form; this can lead to overeating.”

Soda causes you to feel hungry. And, they add lots of calories while contributing to lipogenesis (fat storage).

Shocking, isn’t it? It all comes down to, next time you feel the urge to buy a soft drink, get out your bottle of water instead (or at least low calorie flavored water).

You’ll take away calories and hopefully live longer!

2. Learn How to Drink Coffee

No, I have nothing against a refreshing cup of coffee. In fact, I LOVE coffee.

But, with coffee, size does matter!

With that said, many people choose the larger sizes.

When you stop by Starbucks on the way into work and grab yourself a large Americano, you’ve added some calories to your day.

No, there’s nothing wrong with the coffee – rather it’s the large amounts of Americano or a black coffee.

Stop or cut back the coffee, and you’ll instantly save yourself the damage.

Doing this step can cut your diet by 100-200 calories immediately.

3. Eat Low Calorie Snacks & Stop Adding Sugar

Another tip is to stop adding sugar to your tea.

Once again, this adds unnecessary calories and then creates hunger pangs following your release of insulin.

This sucks up all of your sugar and leaves you shaky.

The “Sweet Tooth” Syndrome

Moreover though, adding sugar to everything makes gets you accustomed to things tasting sweet.

In other words, you develop a sweet tooth. And now, nothing you eat will taste as satisfying unless there’s sugar on top!

So, when you remove some of the sugar and eat healthier, low calorie snacks you’ll see a really nice reduction in calories and weight.

4. Remove the Butter & Create Low Calorie Meals

Again, this post is not about depriving yourself of everything you love to eat. Just like you, I want flavor in my food – diet or not!

So, number four constitutes creating low calorie meals by removing some of the butter you add.

Quite frankly, butter isn’t unhealthy for you as such. But, if you want to reduce your calorie count specifically, then lathering globs of butter onto everything you eat really isn’t going to help!

Get used to eating your sandwiches with just the spread and you’ll find it easier to lose weight!

The same goes for low calories meals when you add bread or toast. No bread is better but treat yourself once in a while to some toast, lightly buttered!

5. Don’t Be Stingy! Share Your Dessert for Effect

Now, if I had to choose my enemy – it would be dessert! That dark lady named chocolate grabs me every time!

But, I’ve learned to cut back & eat dark chocolate instead of milked. It seems to work fine.

But, another way to cut calories is to share your dessert with someone special.

Don’t Turn it Down – Divide It Up!

Yes, I know. Even when we’re dieting, it can be difficult to turn down a nice dessert.

We watch everyone else indulge in these flavorful treats. Why can’t we have some too?

But, we abstain ordering dessert because we feel as though we’re being boring.

Or, we’re preventing others at the table from enjoying their food.

The simple answer? Offer to share with someone!

You’ll each save money and cut down calories! You both benefit!

What’s Next?

calorie counter

We watch everyone else indulge in these flavorful treats. Why can’t we have some too?”

Now that you’ve learned some simple ways to cut calories without major sacrifice, what’s next?

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