Is It Really Possible to Lose 10 Pounds Quickly? A Story of Losing Weight – One Pound at a Time

lose 10 pounds

Lose 10 pounds

A quick question for you: Do you need to shed a few pounds? Truth be known, most of us could stand to shed a few.

We might have love handles or bigger thighs than we’d like.

So, for inspiration, I thought I’d share a story from one woman who went through the diet & fitness process.

Okay, this is not an end all diet system. But, if you’ve got to lose 10 pounds quickly then this is required reading.

Keep in mind to stay sensible when dieting because current info about losing weight is not always accurate.

Fortunately, this report includes the latest in weight loss research available for models and other women who want to live healthier lives.

Read A Woman’s Quest to Lose 10 Pounds – Can You Relate?

It was New Years Eve, and we were discussing our New Year’s resolutions.

My resolve was rather uninspired from the point of view of originality. But, nonetheless, it reflected something that I very much wanted to do.

My goal was to lose 30 pounds – and do it (hopefully) naturally.

None of my friends believed me when I mentioned my resolution. So, we made a bet.

The wager was, if I could lose 30 pounds in four months, my friend Stan would buy me dinner at any place I wanted to go in town (“a fattening dinner,” he joked). And, if I didn’t reach my weight loss goal, I would do the same for him.

One Week To Go for My Weight Loss Goal!

Let’s move ahead. I lost 20 pounds which was quite an undertaking. But now, there’s only one week left. And, I still have to lose 10 pounds! My heart is beating fast and I’m now in panic mode!

Okay, I found lots of web sites promising various ways to lose 10 pounds in 1 week (sometimes even less). These programs included…

But, I’ve tried them all. Sadly, they don’t help me at all.

Still Not Losing 10 Pounds and at a Standstill!

It is like I’m stuck at my current weight. I’ve been here for three weeks. And, I still have 10 pounds left to lose.

Note:  Are these goals for losing weight completely realistic? Take it from this story, losing 10 pounds, or twenty, takes short and long term goals along with a weight loss mindset to work. Don’t just diet, change your lifestyle.

The Fast & Easy 10 Pound Weight Loss System

Losing the first 20 pounds was easy. Well, at least the first 10 pounds of it.

I stopped snacking, began exercising, and voila! The weight dropped off right away.

I went on a more rigorous diet to lose 10 pounds more. Soon, I was within range of my goal.

But then, when I had no more than ten more pounds to reach my weight loss goal, it stopped working!

Oh, my weight would dip sometimes. I would have a good workout, and a few days of eating almost nothing, and suddenly…

I’d be only 8 pounds above my goal.

But, as soon as I’d give in to my ravishing hunger and eat a little more, I’d have 10 pounds to go again. I drank gallons of water a day, while popping ephedra like they were aspirin, and still it wouldn’t matter: 10 pounds to lose.

If it were a matter of being desperately behind my goal, of having some unbelievable task still hanging over my head, somehow it would seem easier to give in.

But it is maddening to be so close to your goals and not able to accomplish them, especially knowing that your friends will make fun of you for, once again not quite reaching them. I don’t know how I’ll show my face in a week if I still have to lose 10 pounds when it’s all said and done!

She Didn’t Make It – But, If You Really Want to Lose 10 Pounds, Use Common Sense Dieting & Exercise Rules

I don’t know where this lady is now with her weight. I suspect she gained it back. Most women do when they lose weight fast. I have mentioned this many times on this blog. So, I hope you take it to heart.

As with all diets, practice common sense. Use exercise and a trend of eating healthy food and snacks to help you along. Check out my email newsletter if you would like to learn more. You can subscribe here.

Check with a physician to make sure you are healthy enough for a weight loss system to be on the safe side.

Finally, I didn’t share this story to depress you. But, reality is sometimes heartbreaking. Thousands of women (and more) face the challenge of losing weight – and keeping it off.

That’s why I’m so animate about planning a lifestyle changing exercise and diet regimen you can stick to. There’s no reason you can’t do it. Others have and so can you! – Here’s to your good health! Bob

lose 10 pounds

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